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Welcome to Boston Appraisal Services!

The premier residential and commercial real estate appraisal firm in Boston, Massachusetts. 

Our broad service area allows us to offer you the highest-quality reports where, and when you need them.

We deliver comprehensive residential and commercial appraisal services tailored to your precise specifications. Whether you are a property owner, stakeholder, bail bond provider, appraisal management company, conventional lender, credit union, lawyer, or accountant, we diligently work towards achieving your valuation objectives.

When you need an accurate, credible, and urgent appraisal to meet the sensitive timeline of your operation or personal needs, Boston Appraisal is here to exceed your expectations of standard service in the valuations industry.

Boston Appraisal Services is FHA certified by The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and is accepted by all major lenders. We leverage our local market knowledge, experience, and diligence to provide reports that are compliant, bias-free, thorough, and complete before deadline.

Our services are trusted by numerous regional and national institutions due to our proven track record of quality appraisal services, and reputation for a hassle-free client experience. We provide online convenience and added-value through automated report status updates and electronic delivery of reports.

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